Personal Development for Engineering Tutor and Demonstrator

Undergraduate course, University of Edinburgh, Engineering, 2022

My primary tutoring responsibilities included hosting seminars and tutorials, starting discussions around professional and ethical values in Engineering. Two pieces of written coursework (essay style) were also mandatory for students to complete over the duration of the course. I was involved in the marking of both of these pieces of work.

Intro to Computer Vision Marking

Undergraduate course, University of Edinburgh, Informatics, 2021

Aided in the marking of the 2021 Intro to Computer Vision (IVC) course. Used the Gradescope technology.

Private Tuition

Private, Online & In-person, 2019

Private tuition for both primary and secondary students. For primary students I taught both math and science, this also included the preparation of lesson plans and content. For secondary students I tutored both National 5 and Higher mathematics.