Calum Heggan

Currently researching within the fields of Few-Shot Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection, I am a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh working with both the IPAB and IDCOM groups. I work alongside Mehrdad Yaghoobi (Singal Processing), Timothy Hospedales (Informatics) and Sam Budgett (Thales UK).

Alongside the topics mentioned above, my research interests include meta-learning and unsupervised learning, and how they apply to a variety of downstream tasks and domains.

Talks MetaAudio presented at ICANN22 Session 2 (6/9/22)
Conferences MetaAudio accepted to ICANN22. To be presented in early September
Publications MetaAudio, the first few-shot audio classification benchmark is now live on arXiv and submitted to ICANN22
Talks Presented an introduction to meta and few-shot learning at IDCOM
Talks Presented preliminary research to Thales UK research group